The day is run in sessions separating vehicle types, generally sports cars and motorcycles.  Most track days you will get between five and seven 30-minute sessions on track, with video review and off-track instruction and drills in between each on-track session.  

We keep the numbers low and BBQ a great lunch on the Big Green Egg.  Let us know your favorite and it hits the grill at noon.

Your track day will be conducted on a private member's day at Eagles Canyon Raceway.  The atmosphere is very casual, without the strictly regulated protocols and schedule of an ordinary public track day.  There are typically only single-digit numbers of other riders on track at the same time.  


We begin the day with a discovery session to explore your personal goals and challenges in riding.  After the first session, a day's plan develops to address those goals and other opportunities for improvement in your riding.

Each session will be a combination of specific on-track drills to develop skills or correct problem areas in your riding, as well as lead-follow and video capture.  In between on-track sessions, video review and pit drills will increase understanding of correct techniques and skills lessons for developing better habits on the motorcycle.