We focus on riders new to the sport up to riders transitioning into racing. We share and develop passion for riding motorcycles on the track.

Learning to ride a motorcycle well is challenging and often frustrating, but getting there is rewarding and exhilarating, providing a rush one simply cannot get elsewhere.

We do this for fun and passion of sport.  We are available two to three weekends a month in the summer, and as weather permits other seasons.

Check in with us to find out the next available date, or take a look on

Don't have a track bike, but still want to play?  Rent our Yamaha R3 with great Pirelli tires for just $150/day.

2-on-1 Coaching is $225 per person, all fees included.
1-on-1 Coaching is $275 per person, all fees included.

L3/Racer Coaching:  Riders consistently below 2:05 are $275 per person, all fees included.

CMRA License School:  $275 per rider, all fees included.

For new riders to the program, a $25 non-refundable deposit reserves your day with us. 

We accept major Credit Cards, cash, check & PayPal

For reservations, contact Jim at 469-767-6939 or jdugger@yahoo.com


A day with us is nothing like a public track day.  Low stress, 2-on-1 rider to coach ratio, and lots of individual attention.

On average, our days offer twice as much track time and eight times as much instructor attention.  

We love hearing: “I learned more in one day with you than all my other track days combined!”


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Enjoying a Sport Bike is all about riding faster… and safer.  Our coaching helps you get there.

 Riders improve body position, lines, visual skills and more.  Ride faster with less risk and less effort.